The best part is that Skwisgaar would totally believe that he was reading tracks on asphalt.

Ja, dere was some beautifuls faceless old ladies dat was heres just nows

The design for Cecil Baldwin is by Hallokatzchen :)

I wanted to do a “congratulations” picture for Eluveitie after they won “best live band” at the Swiss Music Awards on March 7th… and then it took me a couple weeks because there are so many current and ex-band members! :) These guys are like the Game of Thrones of metal bands, haha.

I decided to include all the current band members as well as Meri and Sime because they were in the band for so long and it just… didn’t seem right to leave them out.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to Eluveitie, one of my all-time favorite metal bands!! \m/ Here’s to all their live shows, past, present, and future :)

Anonymous asked: Bro, I thought that you were brazilian. YOLO Anyway, I love your blog. :D

Lol, nope~

cheers dude!

Yoooo guess where I’m gonna be on April 12th! :) Please come say hi to me if you live in the area, buy some stuff, and check out all the other artists as well. I went to the one in December and there were lots of talented people selling all kinds of cool stuff.

I’m hoping to make more one-of-a-kind stickers before the event itself, and anything that doesn’t get sold will be available on my Etsy page afterwards. I also might have necklaces for sale if I can get them done on time!

The official event website is here and they are currently accepting applications for their May event.

Anonymous asked: Your Metalocalypse drawings are amazing, great job!

Thank you! :) I miss drawing Metalocalypse… can’t wait for season 5!

Happy Birthday dog-face-painting!

Happy Birthday dog-face-painting!

I just started watching Hannibal and now I want to re-watch Valhalla Rising. Ugghhhhh I have comics to draw this month, somebody build me a time machine already so I can do everything I want to do! :(

remeltindrinc asked: Thank you so much for such a lovely Exchangearooni gift, oh my goodness. I keep looking at it and just smiling really goofily and wow. I'm so happy thank you so much!!!

Hey no problem, I’m glad you like it! :)

Pastel elves

Pastel elves


I believe today was the day one of the double entries was going to go, so I’m bumping up one of the later dates!  (At least I hope today was that day or we’ll be having another double entry day.  I forgot to put my list up on google drive hah.)

So here’s Snartha's lovely comic for A Sassy Dog!  Pickles is such a pretty lady.  If Tumblr resizes it messily, see this album.

Guess I should reblog this onto my own blog in case anyone hadn’t seen it yet~ 

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Do you wanna kill a dragon?

Come on, let’s go and slay

He’s sleeping right in Erebor

Behind the door

We’ll knock on Durin’s Day…